How to Store Guns Safely

How to Store Guns Safely

(Modern – What is the Best Way to Store Your Gun in Order to Protect It and the People in Your Household?

  • Trigger Locks
  • Gun Safe
  • Gun Cabinet
  • TEST
  • Nearby Drawer

Answer: Gun Safe

Storing your guns in a gun safe is the best way to protect it as well as the people in your household.

Though most people think in terms of household safety when they store their guns, it’s just as important to protect the gun itself. A drawer, gun cabinet, or trigger lock offer the gun no protection. As a result, a gun that hasn’t been fired since it was last cleaned can still develop corrosion and other problems that can lead to a malfunction, leaving you and your family without protection.

Best Gun Safes


The best gun safes are the ones that are almost impossible to move. Portable gun safes are cheaper, but they are also easier to break into or steal. Trigger locks are great for when you have to transport guns or an added layer of family safety, but they can also be a hindrance if you need to get to your gun quickly, and they do nothing at all to protect the gun itself.

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