How to Start a Fire Using a Battery and a Gum Wrapper


(Modern – Sometimes, surviving a bad situation requires out-of-the-box thinking. Having the ability to combine random items in ingenious ways can literally save the day in some scenarios.

For instance, take this survival hack using a AA battery and a chewing gum wrapper:

To make a sustainable fire using this method, tinder and kindling will need to be gathered and prepared. The groundwork for a larger, sustainable fire needs to be built and ready for the next steps.

Trim down the gum wrapper so that there is only a thin piece connecting both ends. Place the larger ends over the positive and negative sides of the battery (AA works best due to its size). In a matter of seconds, the thin strip will burst into flames, providing a quick and easy way to ignite the previously prepared tinder.

The majority of survival packs have many tools that require batteries. Adding a pack of gum won’t take up much space, and could serve as a backup way to create a survival fire in a pinch.

If the need to remain hidden is a concern, there are ways to make fires that won’t give away your location. To see how it’s done, check out our article on smokeless fires here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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