Make a Smokeless Fire

Make a Smokeless Fire

What Do You Call a Fire Pit That Has Two Connected Chambers and Little to No Smoke?

  • Dakota
  • Smokeless
  • Amazing
  • TEST
  • Lakota

Answer: Dakota

A Dakota fire pit consists of two holes dug in the ground, connected by a tunnel. In one pit, place the materials for the fire. In the other pit, place nothing, but allow the air to circulate. The open pit provides ongoing air to the fire pit through the connecting tunnel. The fact that the fire pit is a hole in the ground also helps the fire stay hotter than it would if it were above ground.

To take things one step further, place a flat rock or other non-flammable item such as a cast iron pan over the burning fire pit so that it is partially covered. This makes the fire pit perfect for cooking just about anything, or you can heat a brick for use in keeping your tent warm later in the evening.