How To Seek Financial Assistance When Times Get Tough

How To Seek Financial Assistance When Times Get Tough

( – Financial woes are often overwhelming and are a significant contributor to stress in modern society. In fact, the American Psychological Association believes 72% of Americans feel stressed over money at some point in their lives. With external factors such as high inflation rates making life even harder, people worldwide are now stricken with financial difficulties.

From an unexpected job loss to sudden medical expenses or other unforeseen issues, it’s easy to get buried in money problems before you know it. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome these obstacles and regain control over your finances. Here are a few ways to overcome tough times with available financial resources you might not know about.

Financial Assistance Tools From the Government

The government offers a wide range of financial assistance to people in need, but wading through all the options can be challenging. One way to make this less daunting is to check out, a handy resource that allows users to search for applicable help. The Benefits Finder function is particularly useful here as it offers a quick and easy way to hunt down assistance with childcare, healthcare, or housing.

Benefits Finder Function

The Benefits Finder function allows users to describe their current situation and obtain the best help available. This involves filling out a questionnaire that is cross-referenced with all of the available assistance programs. The website will then provide a list of options that may help. You will, however, have to apply for each program separately to determine your eligibility.

Browse Benefits Directly Through

The Benefits Finder function is helpful, but if you already know the specific type of assistance you need, you can browse through the site without it. The available programs are sortable by category or agency. Here are some examples of what you will find:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Assistance and Healthcare
  • Education and Training
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Social Security and Retirement
  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Housing
  • Public Utilities
  • Immigration and Refugee Assistance
  • Active Duty Military and Veteran

What Benefits Can You Get?

The government provides a variety of very specific assistance programs designed to meet a number of different needs and severity levels. Some to consider include:

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP benefits ensure low-income families have access to nutritious food. The amount of assistance received depends on the number of residents in the household and countable income.


This health insurance program is offered to low-income families and those in need by our county, state, and federal governments. Eligible individuals include children, expectant mothers, the elderly, and the disabled.

Unemployment Assistance

Workers who find themselves unemployed by no fault of their own may qualify for temporary financial assistance through unemployment insurance. Eligibility for this aid varies from state to state.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program offers help to low-income families to cover the costs of providing energy to their homes. This program keeps families warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing the risk of health issues related to extreme temperatures.

Facing financial troubles is a great cause of stress, but help is out there if you know where to look. and the Benefit Finder tool located there are great ways to seek out support when you need a boost up. While there are many options out there, the eligibility requirements for each can vary depending on where you live. The easiest way to see if you qualify is to submit an application for a specific assistance program.

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