How to Remove a Bug from Your Ear


(Modern – What can help remove a bug stuck in your ear?

• Hot water

• Tweezers

• Olive oil

• Vinegar

Answer: Olive Oil. Here’s why…

For most people, having a bug crawl into an ear is the stuff of nightmares. No one wants a foreign object lodged in their ear, but having an unidentified insect get stuck in there is terrifying. Should this waking nightmare become a reality, how can the bug be safely removed?

Here are some simple steps anyone can take to remove an insect from their ear.

    • Don’t Panic – As difficult as this may seem, panicking will only make the situation worse. The bug could become defensive if it feels threatened, leading to scratches, stings, or bites within the ear. Stay calm and try not to move any more than necessary.
    • Try a Light Many bugs are attracted to light, so shining a flashlight into the ear could coax it into coming out on its own. If this causes the bug to move deeper into the ear or causes the victim pain, remove the light source immediately. Light also provides a chance to see how far the bug has crawled into the ear, and to potentially identify it. If it is too far in to be spotted, the victim may need a medical professional to remove it.
    • Force it Out – According to, introducing oil into the ear can float the insect out. Tilt the victim’s head so that the ear with the bug is facing upward, then pour small amounts of oil, such as olive oil, into the ear. This should force the bug to evacuate, or at least drown it — preventing it from doing damage inside. Do not use this method on a child with tubes in their ears, or if there are signs the eardrum has been perforated (such as bleeding, discharge, or pain).

If this doesn’t work to remove the insect, seek immediate medical attention to get it out. Don’t attempt to fish it out with tweezers or another object, as this could lead to permanent damage.

Panic can make any situation worse, be it a bug stuck in an ear or a full-fledged disaster scenario. When facing an emergency situation, knowing how to handle someone who is succumbing to panic can not only help them but ensure they don’t do anything to put other people in danger, as well. To see ways to help a panicking person during a survival situation, check out our article here.

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