How to Help Someone Who is Panicking During a Survival Situation


(Modern – In a survival situation, if someone is panicking, what do you do?

• Nurture them

• Abandon them

• Assign a task

• Provide counseling

Answer: Assign a Task. Here’s why…

No one will argue that emergencies aren’t times of high stress. Whether experiencing a natural disaster, a car wreck, or even being lost in the woods, chances are that someone will begin to panic.

Unfortunately, panic in a bad situation can lead to poor decisions that could prove fatal. Additionally, when one person begins to panic, the panic could potentially spread to others, making a bad situation worse.

When someone begins to panic during an emergency, what can be done to keep them from endangering themselves or others?

Give Them Something to Do

Giving a panicking person a goal to focus on not only distracts them from the situation at hand, but also gives them something constructive to do. It could be something as simple as gathering sticks for a fire or even counting survival items, so long as it gets their mind distracted from the current situation. The idea is to get them to focus entirely on that one specific goal.

Once the initial event has passed, one way to keep panic at bay is to develop routines for the survival group. Again, this is to keep everyone focused on the here and now, rather than wallowing in despair over what has been lost or worrying about what the future holds. Providing a routine of chores and activities can give them a solid foundation to cling to when everything else is uncertain.

The best way to ensure your family doesn’t succumb to panic when facing an emergency is to develop a survival mindset in each of them. To see how to develop a survival mindset, check out our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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