How to Relieve Depression

How to Relieve Depression

(Modern – Which of These Relieves Depression?

  • Beer
  • Hard Candy
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • TEST
  • Coffee

Answer: Grapefruit Juice. Here’s why…

While there’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee, a few beers now and then, or a bit of tasty candy, they don’t relieve depression — and can even make it worse. That’s because alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugar all cause our bodies to produce free radicals. Free radicals can slow down the process of your brain receiving and interpreting messages in general. In turn, you don’t experience the “feel good” feelings as fast or frequently as you could.

Links Between Free Radicals and Depression
Foods like grapefruits that are high in things like vitamin C can actually help reduce the number of free radicals in your system, so your brain gets the message faster and more frequently.


Is a glass of grapefruit juice going to cure your depression? Probably not. But, studies have shown that by eating healthy and therefore reducing the number of toxins in your body and replacing them with nutrients, your brain and body function much better.

And yes, a cup of coffee or a few drinks or piece of candy can put you in a better mood for a minute because of their immediate impact on your system. But, as you well know, depression isn’t a momentary state. Once the rush is gone, these items can lead to even worse depression and the anxiety that often precedes it. Not only that, but they can negate or react poorly with any anti-depressants you may be taking.

For some, the key really is a healthier lifestyle. For others, a genetic or medical issue may be causing depression. Either way, eating a healthy diet allows you to get closer to identifying the source of the depression, so you can take more steps to relieve it. It’s sort of like putting your computer in Safe Mode to see what the problem is.

Processed foods and mood-altering components can have a toxic effect on the body, and cause you to develop addictions. So, if need be, cut out one processed food or drink at a time. Just by eliminating sugary drinks from your diet, like soda, you will notice an almost immediate difference.


Disclaimer: Be sure to talk with your doctor before making significant changes to your diet so that you can learn about any potential reactions with medications or existing medical issues.

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