How to Plan Survival Calories

How to Plan Survival Calories

How Many Calories a Day Should You Plan for Each Person When Preparing Food Storage?

  • 1500
  • 1000
  • 2500
  • TEST
  • 2000

Answer: 2500

The whole idea of prepping for survival when the SHTF is to plan for the worst case scenario. A full grown man generally needs 2500 calories a day. So do teen boys, and pregnant or nursing women. Teen girls and children need far less, but at some point, those children are going to grow up to be men and women.

While you probably aren’t trying to store enough food to last a decade, you never know when you will need to feed more than just the people in your home. Someone with skills or goods to barter may come along and since food will be a hot commodity at that time, you are better off to plan for more calories as opposed to less.

Plan enough food for your household and a few extra people. But, plan for the right kind of food, too. For instance, as adults, dairy products aren’t essential, but they are for infants, young children, and brain development. Wax-embodied cheese can last a very long time, or you can be really prepared with a dairy farm.