How to Make Bread Over a Campfire

Making Bread Over a Campfire

When Making Bread Over a Campfire, What is the Simplest Tool You Can Use to Cook It?

  • Pan
  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • TEST
  • Stick

Answer: Stick

It’s easy to make bread on a stick, and you won’t have to wash or pack a pan! Mix about two cups of self-rising flour with three tablespoons of sugar and one and one-quarter to two cups of water. You’ll want the consistency to be thick enough to wrap around a stick, but not so thick that the bread will be dry and powdery. Wrap the dough around a stick and hold it over a campfire, just as you would marshmallows… except this time you want to avoid putting it IN the fire or getting that charred look. Cook the bread this way until it is golden brown. Then, slide the bread off the stick and enjoy!