Which First Aid Technique(s) Should Every Person Learn?

Which First Aid Technique(s) Should Every Person Learn?
Which First Aid Technique(s) Should Every Person Learn?

Which of These is a Technique Everyone Should Learn?

  • Tactical Triage
  • 4 Signs of a Stroke
  • Urban Triage
  • TEST
  • Hands-on-Stable

Answer: Hands-on-Stable

The crazy thing about emergency situations is that they can occur at any given moment. We at Modern Survival feel that it’s everyone’s responsibility to learn as much as they can when it comes to survival skills, staritng with the most basic things, like hands-on-stable.

There are 3 primary emergency first aid techniques everyone should know in order to save a life before help can arrive:

The Heimlich Maneuver
If someone is choking, they will likely die before an ambulance arrives. People should make it a point to know how, and when (and when not) to do abdominal thrusts on an adult, a baby, or on themselves.


Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
While CPR has questionable method of reviving someone, you greatly increase someone’s chances of survival until they reach an automated external defibrillator (AED) if you have properly performed CPR. The “new” method of CPR (without mouth-to-mouth) is incredibly simple and requires no equipment and is said to be just as effective as the older version.

Appropriate after any fall, car crash, or head injury, immobilizing a patient’s head will greatly reduce the chance of paralysis from spinal cord injury. It’s a very simple technique that involves stabilizing a patient’s spinal column.

The Recovery Position
If someone is passed out you don’t want to leave them alone on their back. Position them onto their side and bend an arm under his or her head. Stick out their knee like a kickstand to keep them stable.

These basic survival techniques are easy to learn and could one day help save a life. Remember, there is no substitute for being trained by a professional or certified organization. Any training is better than no training.


“Prepare for the Unknown”
~ Modern Survival