Basic First Aid Techniques Every Person Should Learn


(Modern – Which of These is a Technique Everyone Should Learn?

  • Tactical Triage
  • 4 Signs of a Stroke
  • Urban Triage
  • Head Stabilization

Answer: Head Stabilization. Here’s why…

While there are thousands of ways to prepare for an emergency situation, one of the most basic — and important — ways to prep is to learn first aid. After all, if the S ever HTF, chances are incredibly high that there will be injuries that’ll need to be handled “in-house.”

Even without a TEOTWAWKI event, having the knowledge to save a life is vital. But what types of first aid techniques are the most important to learn? Let’s take a look…

The Big Three

There are three primary emergency first aid techniques everyone should know in order to save a life before help arrives:

  1. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)When a person suffers from cardiac arrest, their heart stops pumping blood through their circulatory system. This cuts off the flow of oxygen to the brain and could result in permanent brain damage or death. Knowing how to perform CPR is one way to keep blood and oxygen in the person’s system until emergency services arrive.
  2. The Heimlich Maneuver – When a person’s airway becomes obstructed by a foreign object, such as a large piece of food or even a children’s toy, knowing how to apply the Heimlich maneuver can save their life. How and when to apply the Heimlich maneuver is something everyone should learn.
  3. Head Stabilization – After any type of incident that could result in a spinal cord injury, knowing how to properly perform head stabilization can save the victim from permanent paralysis. Examples of times when head stabilization may be required include after an automotive accident, falling from a height, or any type of head trauma. While the technique itself is rather simple, it’s vital that it is applied correctly.

Getting certified in first aid techniques is something that all survivalists should consider. While the videos linked above are great for informational purposes, there’s no real substitute for learning from a professional.

Many people choose not to help strangers during an emergency out of fear of being sued by the victim. But can a person sue someone else for trying to save their life? To find out, take a look at our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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