How to Get More Nutrients from Food in a Survival Situation


( – In a survival situation, what is the best way to cook food and get the most nutrients?

• Fry it

• Boil it

• Sun dry

• Roast it

Answer: Boil It. Here’s why…

In a true survival situation, staying alive is going to be difficult. Clean water and a consistent source of nutrients may be hard to come by. When food is available, eating every bit of nutrition is vital. But what is the best way of making sure all of it makes its way to the belly?

Boil It

The single best way to ensure every possible nutrient from any food source is to boil it. Yes, this will require a pot or cup and a fire, but the end results are worth it.

Begin by boiling water in the container for roughly half an hour, enough time to kill most foreign contaminants and purify the water. Then, place the edible items in the water and allow them to boil. This method should kill any bacteria or parasites on the food itself, plus the broth byproduct of boiling food can be drunk to ensure all of the available nutrients are consumed.

As an added bonus, cooked food is easier to digest than raw. Since digestion itself burns calories, eating food that’s easier to break down is a good idea. When food is scarce, every calorie is precious.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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