How to Find Your Best Aiming Eye


(Modern – To Learn Which Eye You Should Aim with, What Do You Need?

  • Glasses
  • Contacts
  • Hands
  • Target

Answer: Hands. Here’s why…

Aiming a firearm is best done using the dominant eye, also called the master eye. Doing so increases accuracy, but few people actually know which of their eyes is the dominant one.

In the following video, season four champion of Top Shot, Chris Cheng, explains how to determine which eye is dominant:

Finding the dominant eye is rather simple. Begin by holding your hand out with one finger extended, covering an item in the distance with the finger. Then close your eyes, one at a time. One eye should keep the item covered by the finger while the other shifts the finger away from the target. The eye that keeps the item hidden is the dominant eye.

Some people have what’s referred to as cross-dominance, which can make aiming difficult. Cross-dominance is when your dominant hand is opposite your dominant eye. For example, a right-handed individual with cross-dominance would have a left-dominant eye.

For those with cross-dominance, adjustments can allow for easier shooting. In the video, Chris shows two ways of doing this: by turning the head to aim with the dominant eye or by moving the gun to align with the dominant eye.

Once your dominant eye has been determined, it can be used to center targets and set sights. Of course, any time a firearm is handled, safety should always be the number one priority.

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