How to Choose the Best Survival Diet

How to Choose the Best Survival Diet
How to Choose the Best Survival Diet

What diet is best when it comes to survival?
• Plant-based diet
• Protein-based diet
• Fruit only diet
• Omnivorous diet

Answer: Omnivorous Diet

The most common diet among humans is an omnivorous diet. This type of diet includes eating both animal and plant foods. It provides all the necessary nutrients needed for human beings to live. An omnivorous diet doesn’t mean you’ll have better health but it will provide you with a well rounded fuel source to sustain your rescue efforts.

In a survival situation, staying healthy and strong is crucial which means you will be at the mercy of what nature provides. Eating a plant or protein only diet can leave you lacking in nutrients. It’s better to have a wide source of foods than just sticking to one.

Regardless of what diet you follow, survival should be the number one priority. For vegans, packing dried foods, nut butter packets, granola bars, or trail mix in a survival kit can help sustain your eating habits and keep you alive. The best defense in survival is preparation.


~To Your Survival!