How to Choose the Best Survival Diet


(Modern – What diet is best when it comes to survival?

• Plant-based diet

• Protein-based diet

• Fruit-only diet

• Omnivorous diet

Answer: Omnivorous Diet. Here’s why…

In a survival situation, staying strong and energized is vital for staying alive. The day-to-day tasks involved in any type of survival scenario, be it the aftermath of a natural disaster, being lost in the woods, or even living in a post-apocalyptic nightmare following a SHTF event, will require a lot of work. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of diet will keep the internal batteries charged.

Become an Omnivore

An omnivorous diet, consisting of both plants and animals, will provide all of the necessary nutrients needed to keep the body running. A well-rounded diet will help keep the body going, even in times of extreme duress. Without the proper nutrients, or even with an overabundance of one kind, health issues may arise that make surviving even more difficult.

In a true survival situation, individuals may not be able to stick to past eating habits such as a vegetarian diet. When faced with starvation, anything edible becomes a viable option. Watch any survival show, and it is quickly apparent that the human body will demand food, even things that would otherwise make a person squeamish.

Having a wide variety of foods is the best way to ensure the required nutrients are attained each day. A plant- or protein-only diet can leave the body lacking, or worse. To see why a protein-only diet can actually be deadly, check out our article on rabbit starvation.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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