How Rabbit Starvation Can Kill You

How Rabbit Starvation Can Kill You
How Rabbit Starvation Can Kill You

In a survival situation, what is rabbit starvation?

• Very lean rabbits
• Diseased rabbits
• Malnourished rabbits
• Endangered rabbits

Answer: Very Lean Rabbits

Don’t get it wrong, rabbit meat can definitely save lives in any survival situation but eating too much rabbit meat can lead to malnutrition called “rabbit starvation.” Rabbit meat is very lean and doesn’t contain much in the way of nutrients or fat, just protein.

As easy as they are to snare, you’re still going to need some fat to offset a very lean creature. Protein poisoning is a rare form of acute malnutrition thought to be caused by a near complete absence of fat in the diet.


Rabbits are so lean that if that’s all you eat, you slowly protein poison yourself to death. Humans need a certain amount of fact intake and rabbit meat just won’t cut it.

The Food and Nutrition Board of the National Institute of Medicine stated that “rabbit starvation” can occur when get 45 percent of calories from protein. Some symptoms of eating so much protein includes feeling nauseous, diarrhea, and weakness.

Make sure to eat other fats and proteins to avoid getting sick. It only takes a few weeks of this type of protein-rich diet to cause severe illness and eventually result in death.

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