How to Break in a New Gun

How to Break in a New Gun

What is the First Thing You Should Do After Buying a Gun?

  • Disassemble It
  • Clean It
  • Fire It
  • TEST
  • Lubricate It

Answer: Disassemble It

Until you disassemble your gun, you don’t really know it. This is the best way to become familair with your new firearm, but it can also give you insight into any issues that need to be addressed — even if it’s brand new and not just new to you.

Take the firearm apart, clean it, lubricate it, put it back together, and fire it. If you’re buying a used gun, it’s best to fire it before you buy it so that you can see that it works. If you aren’t able to do this, don’t buy the gun without some kind of warranty or you could end up with a paperweight.


If the gun is brand new, it’s recommended that you fire a couple hundred rounds through it right after you clean and lubricate it for the first time. New guns tend to have an excessive amount of oil on and in them to protect them from the elements as they sit in storage or in a case.

This oil needs to be removed or it will collect debris and cause problems with the firing mechanism and other areas of the gun. And, even with the precision of today’s machining process, it is always possible the burrs and slight defects exist that need to be addressed or removed.

Aside from that, any time two or more metal pieces have to work together, it’s best to get them fitted solidly by using them when you don’t need to so that you know they will work when you do need them to.

Here’s an example of how to disassemble a gun. It’s important to learn and understand how each component works and why.


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