How to Avoid Painful Reminders on Facebook

Avoid Painful Reminders on Facebook

(Modern – If You Want to Avoid Seeing Memories From a Specific Time on Facebook, What Do You Click On in Memories Preferences?

  • Name
  • Privacy
  • Block
  • TEST
  • Date

Answer: Date

You can skip memories from dates and people on Facebook with a few clicks. When your Memories appear, one shows up and you have the option to see more. When you click on “More Memories”, it will take you to a page where more memories are listed. In the upper right hand corner, click on Preferences.

Facebook gives you the option to filter names and dates. Click on Dates to set a specific date to be filtered out of your memories. You can set one specific date, or filter out a date range so you can block out years if you need to.

Survival is about more than just keeping yourself fed and safe. It’s also about physical and mental health. As you probably already know, yearly reminders of painful times in your life simply aren’t necessary or even healthy in some cases.


~Here’s to Your Survival!

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