How to Avoid Being Bitten by a Snake


DON’T GET BIT – What to do When Facing a Snake!

( – Snakes are found all over the world. While not all species are venomous, without the proper knowledge, it can be difficult to determine the danger level a snake presents.

Obviously, no one wants to get bitten by a snake — especially if they find out they encountered a venomous species and are now in serious danger. So how can a person avoid being bitten to begin with?

Start Here

The best course of action to avoid getting bitten by a snake is to avoid the snakes themselves. Unfortunately, this sounds a lot easier than it really is. Snakes are found just about everywhere and even have a tendency to make their way into buildings, including homes, from time to time.

Since avoiding areas where snakes roam can be difficult, the best bet is to spot a snake before it comes within striking range. This, too, can be hard, as many snakes blend into their environment with natural camouflage.

The fastest way to get bitten is to step on a snake. When traveling through “snake country”, take care with every step. Also, be wary while rock climbing, particularly before grabbing branches or overhead ledges.

When Encountering a Snake

The first thing to know is that the majority of the snakes in the world aren’t looking to bite people. In fact, they are generally more afraid of humans than humans are of them. Snakes go through life looking for food and attempting to avoid being stepped on by larger animals, including people.

Generally, a snake will slither off to avoid a person who comes too close. However, if it is cornered or it just happens to be an aggressive snake, there could be a problem.

Back away from the snake quickly, but don’t make sudden movements. Startling the snake is a good way to make it become violent. The further away from the snake, the safer you are.

Snakes at Home

In the event a snake makes its way into the backyard or into the home itself, the best bet is to call wildlife management. They are professionals who can capture the snake and relocate it.

While it may seem easier to just kill the snake, doing so could be dangerous. Remember that even a dead venomous snake is still venomous, and an accidental encounter with the snake’s fang could end very badly.

If all of these methods fail and you or someone nearby is bitten by a snake, there are ways to slow the spread of venom and give them a shot at survival. Take a look at our article here to see how to survive a snake bite.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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