How to Adjust Sights on a Handgun

How to Adjust Sights on a Handgun

To Adjust the Windage Because You are Shooting to the Right, Which Way Do You Move the Sight?

  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • TEST
  • Right

Answer: Left

The windage is where your shot goes with regard to the left or right. The elevation is where your shot goes with regard to high or low. You can see which direction your shot lands by aiming at the center of the target and firing a shot. You may want to do this more than once to be sure that you didn’t just have one bad shot.

It’s important to try and use your strongest eye to aim your gun, as this is the eye that is most likely to give the most accurate results. The strength of your eye has nothing to do with whether you are right-handed or left-handed, so you may be surprised to learn which eye it is. You can test to see which eye is your dominant one, or the strongest by following the directions here.

Always move your sight in the direction you need to go, so that if you are shooting to the right of the target, you need to move the site to the left in order to make your shot go to the left. Use the same method to change your elevation.


Each gun requires its own method to physically move the sight, and some are fixed and cannot be moved. For those that can be adjusted, you may need to tap the sight to slide it, or adjust a screw on the sight. In any case, always adjust only the rear sight.