How Many Days You Can Survive Without Food

How Many Days You Can Survive Without Food
How Many Days You Can Survive Without Food

Approximately how long can a person can go without food?

• 3 days
• 13 days
• 23 days
• 30 days

Answer: 30 days

The number of days a person can last without food, on average, is 30 days. Although there are many variables that could affect how long a person could survive, the number of days is based on when the body starts to shut down and eventually lead to starvation. Those who have health problems, especially issues directly impacted by diet, may face significantly shorter spans.

When faced with a dire food situation, focus on proteins, fruits and vegetables, including and especially local vegetation. Naturally, if all you can access are starchy foods, you may need to take what you can get. But only in Zombieland is a Twinkie worthy of scouring stores with focus. You can start preparing now by using apps like Plantsnapp, which allow you take a picture of a plant and learn what it is. That weed in your backyard could save you from starvation one day.


The main thing to remember in any emergency or survival situation is to maintain a positive mindset. It’s also wise to practice healthy eating and exercise habits on a daily basis to keep you mentally and physically strong. The better shape you’re in, the longer you’re likely to last in a survival scenario.

~To Your Survival!