Foraging for Food in Your Backyard

Foraging for Your Food

(Modern – When the thought of staying supplied with food comes to mind, people often go straight to hunting. Hunting is a great way to get food for yourself, but there aren’t always animals around to hunt. If you know how to forage, you may not need to look further than your backyard to find food.

You can find plenty of plants for both food and medicinal purposes. For example, dandelion greens are great with lettuce and can make a fantastic tea. Of course, the plants you will find in your area depend on your location. You’re not going to see wild aloe vera plants, which prefer hotter climates, in the middle of a temperate forest.

Edible plants can be found all over the planet, although certain ones are better to use than others. Some also have dangerous lookalikes that can be poisonous — all the more reason to learn about them and what to look for. The last thing you want to do when trying to survive is to eat the wrong plant and become sick.

Take the time you have available to learn about the benefits of your local plants, how to prepare them, and how to identify them. You’ll need more experience than just seeing a video; go out and find the plants, research them, and remember them. This knowledge could prove invaluable if you ever need it to survive, so take it seriously.

Don’t expect to learn about all the edible plants — just start with your backyard. Check out the treasure trove of delights you may already have growing under your feet by viewing 6 Weeds You Can Eat to Survive. In the end, the depth of your research could determine if you live or die, so don’t exclude any details.

~ Here’s to Your Survival!

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