How Looting Leads to a Felony

How Looting Leads to a Felony

When It Comes to Looting, What Element Could Lead to a Felony Charge?

  • Being There
  • It Won’t
  • Burglary
  • TEST
  • Being First

Answer: Burglary

Looting after a natural disaster, riot, or other dangerous event is not uncommon. Many people participate in the act, grabbing what they can from local stores and shops.

Most people found looting get awarded a misdemeanor charge or fines, but in instances of burglary, a felony charge gets granted.

When the initial person burglarizes a store and breaks in, allowing other looters to make their way inside easily, that person could earn felony charges.


Grand theft and the amount of items taken can also lead to a felony, such as when a criminal steals high-end items and expensive electronics or jewelry. These are far more serious offenses than stealing some food because you were hungry.

When looters get caught, these are the penalties: