Face a Feral Boar and Survive


(ModernSurvival.org) – Feral boars have become quite the problem across the globe, destroying crops and even moving into cities where they damage property and invade garbage cans. In the United States, boars cost the country approximately $1.5 billion each year, and are now found in at least 39 states.

Boars have become such a problem in the last decade that Congress gave $20 million in funding for a swine eradication program. The Trump administration increased the funding to $30.5 million.

Wild boars leave a path of destruction wherever they travel. On occasion, people are attacked by boars as well, which is why it’s important to know how to face a feral boar and survive.

The following video from How to Survive gives some crucial tips on what to do when facing an angry boar:

    1. Control Pets – If a wild boar is encountered with a pet in tow, it’s important to keep them under control. A barking dog can provoke a boar.
    2. Get Away – When a boar is spotted approaching from a distance, run away from the area. However, if the animal is close, running may startle it. Instead, back away slowly. Boars can run up to 48 kilometers per hour (nearly 30 miles per hour), which means the average human being can’t outrun one.
    3. Climb – If possible, climb a large tree or boulder to escape from the boar. Wait quietly until the animal leaves, then travel in the opposite direction to avoid a second confrontation.
    4. Fight – When conflict is unavoidable, fight hard. Utilize any weapon available to defend yourself, including rocks and sticks if nothing else is handy. It is a life-or-death situation at this point.
    5. Stay Standing – It is vital to stay standing in a confrontation with a feral boar. Boars have large tusks that can shred a person’s soft tissue as quickly as they tear through fields. Protect the stomach, head, and throat at all costs.
    6. Get Away – If the boar backs off or is injured, get away as quickly as possible. Don’t wait to see if it’s going to leave, or worse yet, try to continue attacking the animal. If the boar believes its life is in danger, it will likely become even more aggressive.
    7. Get Help – Boars are capable of injuring a human in a number of ways, from trampling and biting to goring with their tusks. Seek immediate medical attention if any injuries are sustained during the fight. Boars can also transmit diseases to humans, including tuberculosis.

Knowing how to survive a boar attack could be more important than many realize, based on the fact their population continues to grow at an alarming rate in the United States, despite the government’s efforts to slow it down. While boars are becoming more and more of a threat, they aren’t the only dangerous animals a person could encounter in the wild. To see how to survive another dangerous situation, check out our article on how to survive a mountain lion attack.

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