Emergency Water Prepping

Emergency Water Prepping

(Modern Survival.org) – Water is the most basic necessity for life aside from breathable air. Water should be one, if not the biggest part, of your preparations for disaster. Below is a video by City Prepping on YouTube explaining how to store water for short- and long-term scenarios, as well as where to find water after SHTF.

You’re not living more than three days without water — a week, max, in extreme cases. Unfortunately, water is not guaranteed after SHTF, and we have to do what we can to sustain our hydration. This issue is where storing and stocking water comes into play; it’s easy to do and relatively cheap. Experts recommend having one gallon per person per day for whatever time is needed.

If you’re behind on prepping, or maybe your community simply doesn’t have good water, you’ll need to be able to “clean” the water before you use it. At the very least, you should boil any water you feel may not be safe to consume. Avoid drinking dirty water at all costs and remember that clear water isn’t necessarily pottable water.

Aside from shelter, water is the most important item to focus on while prepping. Without water, one can face serious health complications (including death) after just three days. Stock up and store water, enough to last you and your household at least three days, if not a week. More water is potentially better, but even water goes bad after a while, so make sure to rotate it out to make the most of your supply. Click here for more information on how to filter water for survival.

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