Emergency Water Prepping


(ModernSurvival.org) – Second to air, water is the most important consumable humans need to survive. Water is essential to life, both to sustain a person’s body and to grow food — plants and animals alike. As such, having a reliable water supply is vital to any survivalist’s long-term plans.

Unfortunately — as droughts often prove — rivers, lakes, and even wells can run dry, leaving wildlife, livestock, and people desperate for a drink. In this situation, a supply of properly stored emergency water is the only way to keep death from knocking at the door.

In the following video, City Prepping explains why water is so important and how to store it for long periods of time:

Each person in the home needs roughly one gallon of water per day, according to Ready.gov. To prepare for long-term drought, the average household is going to need a LOT of water hidden away for a not-so-rainy day. For homesteads with livestock, even more water will need to be kept.

As the video explains, there are many different ways to store large quantities of water, but keeping it in the right conditions is key. Sunlight leads to bacterial growth, so storing the containers in cool, dry locations out of the sun is the best bet.

For long-term storage, City Prepping suggests purchasing brand-new storage containers. Even with new containers, it’s recommended to sterilize the insides with bleach before adding potable water, just to be safe.

The importance of keeping a stockpile of emergency water cannot be overstated. One drought or even a burst water line can quickly become a desperate situation without it. To see why going without water is a fate best avoided, take a look at our article on the effects of dehydration.

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