Is it Safe to Eat Raw Meat in a Survival Situation?


(Modern – You must always cook wild meat found or caught in a survival situation. True or False?

• True

• False

• Only if dead

• None of the above

Answer: False. Here’s why…

Survival situations often call for outside-the-box thinking and drastic measures. These situations force people to do things that otherwise would never be an option. For example, when facing starvation and without a way to get a fire going, some people may resort to eating raw meat. But is it safe to do so?

If there isn’t a way to start a fire for cooking, as all the available fuel is wet or there simply isn’t any on hand, eating raw meat may be the only option. There are some dangers to eating raw meat, such as parasite infection. However, these illnesses are treatable. Dying from starvation isn’t.

According to Survivorman Les Stroud, just about anything can be eaten raw. Stroud even goes as far as to say that many raw meats contain more nutrients than their cooked counterparts, and that many people used to consume their food raw before it became taboo to do so.

Before digging into an extremely rare steak, however, it’s a good idea to inspect the animal for signs of illness or parasitic infection. If in doubt, don’t eat it until the meat can be cooked. Better safe than sorry.

Dire circumstances call for drastic measures, and when survival is on the line, one will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Eating raw meat is only one example of what a person may have to do in order to survive. To see how long a person can live without food, and perhaps why they may choose to eat raw meat, check out our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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