Disposing of Human Waste When the SHTF

Where Can You Put Human Waste When the SHTF?

  • Bags
  • Fan
  • Compost
  • TEST
  • Toilet

Answer: Compost

When the SHTF, you are likely to start relying on your own garden and other foodstuff that you have produced. Because of that, your digestive waste is likely to made of all or mostly organic materials instead of processing chemicals. So, you can treat your waste just like you treat your kitchen scraps and lawn trimmings, right down to the tissue paper. Yes, it sounds gross, but it’s really the most efficient use of what’s available.

Avoid storing it in plastic bags to bury later. Plastic doesn’t decompose well, so you’re only making your own environment worse. Without power, the only toilet you’re going to be able to use is an outhouse or a composting toilet, in which case, it’s still going to compost. And, since the SHTF, there’s no need to literally throw more in it, so unless you’re working out some really interesting and disgusting, but probably effective form of self-defense, avoid this method.