Which Ingredient Increases the Nitrogen Level in Your Compost?

Which Ingredient Will Increase the Nitrogen Level in Your Compost?

  • Straw
  • Paper
  • Sawdust
  • TEST
  • Pee

Answer: Pee

Neither straw, paper, nor sawdust increase the nitrogen levels in compost. If you think your compost needs some nitrogen, use one of your most readily available resources — and pee on it! However, if your compost pile stinks, it means there is too much nitrogen in it. Adding straw, paper, or sawdust can increase your carbon levels, but use your sawdust sparingly. Sawdust packs very tightly together when wet, and makes it hard for the oxygen to circulate through the pile. To use sawdust correctly, remember “sprinkle and stir” because you can sprinkle the sawdust over the exposed layer of compost, and then stir it to make sure it is worked in thoroughly.