Which Ingredient Increases the Nitrogen Level in Your Compost?

(Modern Survival.org) – A good compost pile can be invaluable to a garden. Generally consisting of food scraps, dead leaves, branches, and even coffee grounds, compost will revitalize soil with nutrients to help plants grow. But there is one powerful ingredient that most people would never think to add to the mix — urine.

Yes, urine.

Human urine contains high levels of nitrogen, which is a necessary component for plants in the photosynthesis process (turning sunlight into energy). According to phoslab.com, nitrogen is also a key component of protoplasm in plants. In short, nitrogen is an essential nutrient for the welfare of plants.

Expensive chemical fertilizers are used to boost nitrogen in soil commercially, but these can be harmful to the environment. Urine, on the other hand, is an all-natural, replenishable resource. It is worth noting that if you’re taking medication or have an illness such as a urinary tract infection, it would be wise not to “go” on the compost until the illness runs its course. Better safe than sorry.

Keep an eye on the compost pile, if it begins to look slimy or smells worse than usual, it likely has too much nitrogen. If this happens, stop adding urine to the mix and instead add carbon, such as eggshells, leaves, straw, or cardboard. Good compost should be moist but not wet or slimy.

For a survivalist, anything that can improve the chances for a better crop is as good as gold. In a post-collapse environment, you won’t be able to just run down and buy fertilizer. In this instance, urine could be the difference between staying fed and starvation.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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