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( – The past couple of years have been hard for everyone. The health crisis alone, not to mention food shortages, civil unrest, and political upheaval, is enough to grind down even the most hardened survivalist. After so many months of unending chaos, it’s not surprising that many people are experiencing crisis fatigue.

After so long, it’s hard to summon the motivation to continue preparing for things to get even worse. To provide some helpful tactics to combat crisis fatigue, YouTuber Magic Prepper has provided a short video which you can view below:

Unfortunately, as time drags on, the motivation to continue preparing becomes harder and harder to muster. The constant barrage of negative news day after day can drain the energy out of anyone, leaving them tired and possibly even depressed. At the same time, it becomes more important to push forward with your preps with each passing day.

One way to keep yourself motivated is to set goals for yourself. Make due dates for your prepping activities so that you have a timeline to follow. This is one way to force yourself into action since it creates a sense of urgency. If you want to have a two-month supply of food stocked, for example, give yourself a date to have it purchased by. Not only will this method help you to stay motivated, but achieving these goals will give you a sense of accomplishment — a much-needed morale boost.

Another option to help overcome fatigue is to take a day off. Even in the survivalist world, everyone needs some rest and relaxation once in a while. Take a break and get your mind off of things, then come back refreshed and motivated to start anew.

Times are tough, but it is also the perfect opportunity to train your survival mindset. Teaching yourself how to overcome crisis fatigue now will give you yet another extremely important tool to call upon, should you ever face a long-term survival situation.

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