Choosing the Right Game to Hunt in a Survival Situation


(Modern – What wild meat would be the best choice to hunt in a survival situation?

• Squirrel

• Rabbit

• Mice

• Fish

Answer: Fish. Here’s why…

There are many different ways in which staying alive may come down to hunting food. It could be as simple as taking a wrong turn and getting lost in the woods, or as complex as facing a grid-down event in which supply chains go the way of the dinosaur. Regardless of the cause, the need for food is going to arise eventually.

In a true survival situation, the more nourishment obtained from each meal the better. The next meal is likely not guaranteed, and every calorie is precious. With that in mind, what game is the best to hunt when survival is on the line?

Go Fishing

If there is a body of water with fish swimming in it, this is your best bet for survival for a number of reasons. First, fish are a great source of protein, fats, oils, and calories. Secondly, there are multiple ways to passively catch fish — which will conserve calories for other survival tasks. Some of these methods don’t even require a person to be present in order for them to work.

Of course, there is always the traditional way of catching fish, using a fishing line and hook. That method does require a personal presence though, so it is not optimal. The best bet is to utilize a passive trap, such as a spring pole trap, a plastic bottle trap (for small fish such as minnows), or a more primitive fish trap.

Every decision made in a survival situation could mean life or death. This includes finding food — and how it’s prepared. When each calorie counts, getting the absolute most out of the food available is a must.

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~Here’s to Your Survival!

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