Visualizing for Survival

Building a Survival Mindset

( - Preppers often focus their time and energy on developing survival skills and stockpiling essential supplies. These are excellent practices that help prepare...

How to Barter Successfully

( - What is the Best Method to Get the Most Out of Your Barter? Start High Start Low Be Friendly Be Firm Answer: Start High....

Teaching Children Gun Safety

( – Who Should Check to Make Sure the Gun Isn’t Loaded When Teaching a Child Gun Safety? Child Parent Observer Owner Answer: Child. Here's...

How to Safely Shoot a Machine Pistol

(Modern – What is the Best Method for Learning to Shoot a Machine Pistol? Use 3 Rounds Fill the Magazine Brace with Shoulder ...

How to Treat Minor and Severe Head Injuries

(Modern - For a head injury, you should immediately treat the injury and? • Lie down flat • Apply cold pack • Take a painkiller • Sit and...

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3 Social Security Programs You Should Know About

3 Social Security Programs You Should Know About

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How to Get Big Savings With a Medicare OTC Drug Card

How to Get Big Savings With a Medicare OTC Drug Card

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Basic Firearm Safety Rules Everyone Should Know

( - With so many examples of poor firearm safety in the news, now is a good time to cover some basic safety rules...
Are Loved Ones Liabilities?

Are Loved Ones Liabilities?

( - In the survivalist community, there is a lot of emphasis placed on keeping prepping on the down low. Terms like “OPSEC” and...