Visualizing for Survival

Building a Survival Mindset

Do YOU Have This VITAL Survival Tool - You Should! ( - Preppers often focus their time and energy on developing survival skills and stockpiling...

How to Barter Successfully

( - What is the Best Method to Get the Most Out of Your Barter? Start High Start Low Be Friendly Be Firm Answer: Start High....

Teaching Children Gun Safety

Survival Quiz #82 ( – Who Should Check to Make Sure the Gun Isn’t Loaded When Teaching a Child Gun Safety? Child Parent Observer Owner Answer:...

How to Safely Shoot a Machine Pistol

(Modern – What is the Best Method for Learning to Shoot a Machine Pistol? Use 3 Rounds Fill the Magazine Brace with Shoulder ...

How to Treat Minor and Severe Head Injuries

Survival Quiz #126 (Modern - For a head injury, you should immediately treat the injury and? • Lie down flat • Apply cold pack • Take a painkiller •...

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How Radiation Poisoning Affects the Body

( - During a nuclear detonation, ground zero of the blast reaches millions of degrees Fahrenheit, instantly incinerating everything nearby. The resulting shockwave travels...
How to Grow Your Home’s Defenses, Literally

How to Grow Your Home’s Defenses, Literally

( - Fortifying your home is an essential step on the path to survival. Be it a home invasion, or a horde of zombified...


Your Computer Crashed and You Never Backed Up Your Data...Now What?

Your Computer Crashed and You Never Backed Up Your Data…Now What?

( – Few circumstances make a person feel more helpless and out of control than a devastating, unrecoverable computer crash. Just like that, precious...

Reasons to Prep… Even if Nothing Ever Happens

(Modern - For people who don’t understand prepping, it all seems like a giant waste of time. Such individuals can become mocking and...