Catching Fish During a Flood

Catching Fish During a Flood
Catching Fish During a Flood

In a survival situation, is it ok to eat fish caught during a flood?

• Yes
• No
• Only in currents
• Catfish only

Answer: Yes

In a survival situation, it’s ok to eat fish caught during a flood.

Here’s why…


Humans have been fishing as a way to survive for thousands of years. Archaeologists have found cave paintings and discarded fishbones indicating that seafood was an important part of human survival, especially when moving from place to place.

While fish may contain chemicals like mercury, it hasn’t deterred people from fishing, even during floods. If anything, people like to fish during floods because the fish are more exposed and sometimes easier to catch.

There are many anglers who are convinced fishing during a flood is nothing to worry about especially if you cook the fish thoroughly. On the other hand, state and federal entities tell people not to fish just in case the water is contaminated.

It all comes down to a personal choice. If food presents itself during a flood, hunger and the circumstances of the situation dictate what you should do. There really is no right or wrong answer because it’s a matter of personal choice.


Just like there are ways to clean water by boiling it, perhaps cooking fish thoroughly will prevent you from getting sick. For the purposes of this quiz question, the decision to eat fish during a flood is yes mainly because it’s a survival situation, which means you need a food source to keep moving.

Ultimately, it’s your choice if you want to risk eating contaminated fish or go hungry trying to stay alive during a flood. The choice is yours.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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