This Car Feature Could save Your Life


(Modern – In a sinking vehicle, which car feature could be used to escape?

  • Steering wheel
  • Floor Mat
  • Flashers
  • Headrest

Answer: Headrest. Here’s why…

There are a number of scenarios when it might be necessary to escape from a vehicle. If a vehicle gets submerged during a flash flood or catches on fire, the occupants will need to escape.

Unfortunately, there are times when car doors won’t open, such as when the water pressure outside the vehicle is too great. How can a person get themselves out of the car when the doors won’t open?

Without a glass-breaking device, many would consider this situation to be a dire one. However, there is one option built into many modern vehicles that can save the day.

In the following video, Mike Stanek demonstrates how to shatter a car window with a headrest:

To begin, remove the headrest from the seat. Hold it by one of the long prongs and begin to hit the window with the pointed end of the second prong. This could take a few swings, so aim for the same general location, as the glass will begin to weaken there.

Eventually, the window should shatter, providing a way of escape. Be careful; the broken glass will be sharp and could cut someone trying to get through the opening. A few cuts and scrapes are better than drowning in a submerged car, though.

There are many reasons why having an emergency kit in the family vehicle is vital. To download a free list of what such a kit should contain, check out our vehicle survival checklist here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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