This Car Feature Could save Your Life

This Car Feature Could save Your Life

( – You’re driving your car down the road, when suddenly a deer jumps out of the woods. While in reality, you shouldn’t swerve to miss it, most people do. Without realizing it, they put themselves at even more risk by doing so. The least of their problems from here on out is that insurance companies increase rates if you hit an inanimate object (tree) as opposed to hitting an animate object (deer).

You swerve and find yourself in a situation no one wants to be in. You’ve crashed your vehicle into a nearby body of water, in this case, we’ll say a lake. By the time you can recover from your face hitting the steering wheel, it’s too late to open the door or roll the window down because of the force of the water on the door. If you have manual windows you may be in luck, but maybe not.

The Problem

Even if you do manage to roll your window down, you have a new problem. Water is actually very heavy, but then you have to account for the force caused by the speed of it rushing at the vehicle, making it nearly impossible to get out.

If you have power windows, typically by the time you regain your bearings water has killed the power to your car. Without the necessary power, the windows won’t move. This is where things can go bad very quickly.


Have you ever tried to break a car window with the windows up? If you have, then you know it’s very difficult. This is because of the pressure differences between the exterior and interior of the car — the same is true when you’re in a body of water. Pressure differences make it very difficult to break the window and the weight of the water makes it impossible to open the door.

What Can Be Done?

Don’t hold your breath just yet. There’s a simple solution. Remove your seatbelt, grab the headrest and pull up as hard as you can. Vehicle seats are designed with a feature many people aren’t aware of. If you pull up hard enough on the headrest, it will detach.

“How does this help?” you ask. The rods that attach the headrest to the seat and allow us to adjust it actually have pointed ends. While it may be difficult to break the glass with a blunt object such as a fist or elbow, those pointed ends will break it.

Use the headrest to break the window. If you’ve done this fast enough, the water will still be below the window. If not, you’ll have trouble getting out until you are completely submerged.


This scenario focuses on being trapped in water, an event very few of us are likely to experience. That being that case, why would car makers include this feature? Because being submerged in water isn’t the only time it would be useful. The same methods would apply in a situation where someone has locked you in a vehicle, when a door is jammed, or any situation where opening a window in an emergency is useful.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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