Camouflage Your Home Protection

Camouflage Home Protection

If You Want to Camouflage Your Home Protection, Where Is the Best Place to Hide It?

  • Plain Sight
  • Cabinet
  • Drawer
  • TEST
  • Lock Box

Answer: Plain Sight

The best place to hide anything is right in plain sight. People tend to think that your valuables and weapons are going to be hidden in a cabinet, drawer, or lock box. Take a look at the scene in the hit movie Signs and consider the scene where he grabs the bat of the wall and “swings away.” When your home is being assessed for protection, most people aren’t going to consider things like decorations. And, YOU need to consider more than just guns for home protection.

It’s easy enough to camouflage a hand gun because you can keep it on your person. Things like baseball bats and shot guns are bigger and bulkier. Use one or more of the tips below to help hide your home weapons in unexpected places.

  • Keep the kids’ baseball items near the door, so the bat is always within easy reach, but doesn’t “strike” anyone as a weapon when they see it.
  • TEST
  • Turn your headboard into a hidden compartment with magnetic cabinet locks that release easily when pressure is applied. When you push on the board, your shotgun will drop right into your hand.
  • Hang shotguns and rifles in a decorative rack on the wall.