Calories in Survival Foods

Calories in Survival Foods
Calories in Survival Foods

When Purchasing Emergency Food for Your Family, the Most Important Rule to Go by Is

• Servings
• Calories
• Ingredients
• Price

Answer: Calories

The survival food and manufacturing markets can get a little tricky. Many people make assumptions that a labeled serving size on an emergency food product contains enough calories for a complete meal. That’s not always the case.

Many emergency preparedness food manufacturers suggest serving sizes on their products, but in truth, there really is no set standard. For example, If a survival food package or container is considered 1 serving, then you should still check the amount of total calories in contains.


Math, Calories and Servings

Some companies list total calories, while others list calories per serving. It’s important to notice the difference in order to ensure that everyone gets adequate calories. For instance, if one company lists the total calories as 1000, then states that the number of servings is four, each serving is 250 calories. Conversely, if the container reads as having 250 calories per serving, and four servings per container, the container holds 1000 calories.

It’s simple math that can get you and your family prepared for emergencies or disasters, but it can help you save a lot of money in the process. While shopping for emergency food, keep a few simple tips in mind.

• Serving amount does not provide the necessary information needed to sustain the calorie amount needed for proper nourishment. Do the math to make sure the nutrients and caloric amount are adequate and worth the purchase.

• Ingredients are what make up the survival food. Pay close attention to calories as well as the details concerning daily vitamins. It’s also important to note if anyone in the family has any allergies for health reasons and to make sure that none of the survival food contains those allergens. It’s not worth risking a mixup if you purchase something that could cause a severe allergic reaction if it’s ingested by mistake.


• Price has nothing to do with the effectiveness of survival products… even food. Higher costs could be attributed to branding or actual value. It’s up to you to do the research and decide where your money goes.

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Source: Food & Drug Administration