Bigfoot Sightings: 8 Best States to See the Legendary Sasquatch

Bigfoot Sightings: 8 Best States to See the Legendary Sasquatch

Eye Witness Reports – Top 8 States to Spot a LEGEND

( – Ever since the grainy homemade video of a large ape-like creature made headlines back in 1967, skeptics and believers alike have been on the hunt for the infamous Bigfoot. Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, one thing’s for sure — he’s the most famous legend on the planet. Want to join the quest and see for yourself? Explore these 8 hotspots where sasquatch has been reported to be hanging out!

  • Colorado. Home to some of the most famous mountain peaks in the US, like Mount Elbert and Pikes Peak, Colorado has also had its fair share of Bigfoot sightings — 110 to be exact, according to Live Science. This could be because of the state’s dense forests with open plains in between. Along with the freshwater of the Colorado River, there are plenty of places for Bigfoot to hide and establish residence.
  • Michigan. The Great Lakes state is the perfect locale for Bigfoot due to having the largest body of fresh water in the country. Between the deep woods of the upper peninsula and the fields and marshes in the lower part of the state, over 141 sightings have been reported. If you want to delve deep and do a little backcountry camping, you may catch a glimpse of him here.
  • Illinois. You might not automatically think of Illinois as Sasquatch territory, but at least 176 sightings have been reported here. There are a lot of remote areas in the state where he could build a home. The edge of a field? In the thicket of dense woods? When you venture out to the forest for some springtime morel mushroom hunting, keep an eye out for monster footprints.
  • Florida. Warm and swampy. The perfect environment for overgrown pythons, spiders, and other creepy crawlies. And also Bigfoot — or, as locals often call him, Skunk Ape, Bigfoot’s southern cousin. There have been over 207 reported sightings of this stinky, musky creature there.
  • Ohio. Home to more than just the Buckeyes and the Bengals, Bigfoot also reportedly resides there. With 224 supposed encounters, it ranks high on the list of popular sasquatch hotspots. That could be down to the remote areas that also boast caves and caverns throughout the state. A great place for this hairy guy to build his lair.
  • Oregon. This beautiful state boasts deep, desolate forests and waters — making it a perfect breeding ground for the elusive Bigfoot. Over 227 sightings have been reported throughout the years. There are more ghost towns here than in any other state, along with the uncharted territory of Crater Lake National Park and Multnomah Falls. There very well could be a sasquatch roaming those spots at night.
  • California. While many associate California as being the birthplace of Disneyland, it’s also known for about 425 sightings of the big hairy creature himself! While you may not get a glimpse of him on the “It’s a Small World” attraction or Hollywood Blvd, he could be lurking somewhere deep inside Yosemite National Park. There’s plenty of desolate ground, woods, wildlife, and freshwater for him to live a flourishing life.
  • Washington. Most Bigfoot claims originate in the Pacific Northwest. Washington state has an estimated 528 sightings, making it one of the most popular hot spots for investigators. This area is also home to large bears, whose similar footprints might have something to do with the Bigfoot phenomenon.

Bigfoot is a tale for the ages, and whether it’s fake or true, believers still exist. Even after several debunkings, this legend stands strong, and investigations are ongoing.

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