Best Way to Stack Home-Canned Food

Which is the Correct Way to Store Food Canned at Home in Jars?

  • Rings and Lids on, Side by Side
  • Rings and Lids on, Stacked
  • Lids on with Rings off, Side by Side
  • TEST
  • Lids on with Rings off, Stacked

Answer: Lids on with Rings off, Side by Side

When canning at home, take the rings off as soon as the canning process is complete. You can re-use the rings on your next project, but more importantly, taking the rings off lets you test the seal. Keeping the rings on and give a false — and dangerous — impression that the food inside is sealed adequately. Stacking the jars is also dangerous because the pressure from the weight of the jar on top could keep the lid on even if it isn’t sealed.