Best Place to Store Emergency Food Storage

Best Place to Store Emergency Food Storage
Best Place to Store Emergency Food Storage

Where Is the Best Place to Store Your Emergency Food Storage for Maximum Shelf Life?

• Cold Location
• Dark Location
• Out of Sunlight
• All of the Above

Answer: All of the Above

Storing your survival food out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dark location is definitely a smart move. Heat and sunlight can damage food that otherwise would have been kept safe. But keeping your food from spoiling isn’t the only benefit of storing it in a cool, dark place. This method can also keep it safe from prey… including hungry or desperate humans and other animals.

Our ancestors didn’t dig out canning cellars for no reason. They had to keep food fresh for long periods of time, often without the convenience of some of the more modern forms of technology. While all those jars may look beautiful with the sunlight streaming through them, it could also destroy what’s inside of them.


When you do start stocking your cellar or other cool, dark place, take a few extra steps to keep your food fresher, longer. Emergency food can get dirty overtime or be affected by temperatures and floods. Store emergency preparedness foods off the floor using pallets or wood boards. A layer of mylar bags also gives an extra layer of overall protection from the elements. Finally, when you know your food is going to be kept fresh, don’t forget to take this extra step to protect your food.

~To Your Survival!