Best Place to Store Emergency Food


(Modern – Where Is the Best Place to Store Your Emergency Food Storage for Maximum Shelf Life?

• Cold Location

• Dark Location

• Out of Sunlight

• All of the Above

Answer: All of the Above. Here’s why…

Having emergency food stored away for a rainy day is a basic component of prepping. But it’s not just preppers who should be planning ahead.

According to, everyone should keep at least three days’ worth of food stockpiled for unforeseen circumstances. Of course, most preppers go above and beyond that, some going so far as to stockpile years’ worth of food.

While having emergency food on hand is important, knowing where to store it is vital. After all, no one wants to invest that much time and money into stockpiling, only to find the food they were relying on for an emergency has gone bad.

To ensure the prepper pantry of emergency food lasts until its expiration date (and often beyond), here are some helpful tips on how to keep it safe.


The first step in ensuring the longevity of emergency food is selecting the right storage location. The best places will have the following:

  • No direct sunlight.
  • Consistent temperatures, ideally below 70 degrees.
  • No moisture.
  • Pest free.

These qualities are precisely why root cellars were used for so long, prior to the invention of the modern refrigerator. Some other options that have the potential to fulfill these requirements include closets, pantries and even the basement.

Remember the food is being stored for an emergency. If it can’t withstand the event itself, it won’t do anyone any good to have it. To ensure the food remains good, store it off of the ground using shelving or even wooden pallets. This way, should the room flood, the chances of the food being contaminated and ruined are lower.

Unfortunately, if the disaster is bad enough, it won’t be the event alone you need to worry about. Desperate people will likely come looking for supplies that the people with more foresight put away. To see how to protect your emergency food storage in such a scenario, check out our article here.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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