10 Running and Walking Safety Tips You Should Know

10 Running and Walking Safety Tips You Should Know

(ModernSurvival.org) – The goal of survivalism is to be prepared to face any threat, at any time, big or small — not just a natural disaster or world-ending apocalypse. Many preppers lose sight of the here and now as they plan for such large-scale events. The truth is, being attacked while out on a walk or jog can be every bit as dangerous in the moment as any other threat.

Pretty Loaded from YouTube has provided a helpful video with tips on how to stay safe while walking or jogging:

Here are ten tips for staying safe while you’re out on a jog or a walk:

  1. Never go alone. Stay in a group, with another person, or bring a dog along.
  2. Don’t wear headphones. No matter how much music helps to motivate while out jogging, it’s also distracting and can keep you from hearing someone following you.
  3. Stick to well-traveled areas — the brighter the better. You’re less likely to be attacked in a busy area with few places to hide.
  4. Keep the cell phone in your pocket. Would-be attackers look for distracted targets, and anyone focusing on their phone isn’t paying attention to their surroundings.
  5. Take a run or walk when other people are out as well. An attacker will think twice if there are witnesses or people who can help fight them off.
  6. Avoid buildings and trees. These provide areas where someone could hide and try to get the jump on you.
  7. Avoid people who’re just hanging out. Turn around, cross the street or find an alternate path around them.
  8. Change it up. Adjust the route each day so as not to become predictable to anyone who may be trying to learn your routine.
  9. Pay attention to your six. This means looking over your shoulder to ensure no one is following you.
  10. Fight back. If engaged by a potential attacker, do not become easy prey. Bite, punch, kick and elbow your way to safety. At this point, your life could be in danger, so fight back accordingly.

If you’re out and your gut instinct tells you something is wrong, trust it. Get out. It’s better to cut a walk short than to be put into a survival situation.

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