Why Your Bug Out Bag Needs Binoculars

Why Your Bug Out Bag Needs Binoculars

(Modern Survival.org) – Binoculars are popular accessories for bird watchers and tourists. These tools enable the average person to see far beyond the capabilities of the naked eye. In a survival situation, binoculars can become incredibly useful. In fact, they could even save your life.

In the Bug Out Bag

When packing a bug out bag (BOB), most people include basic necessities to get from their location at the onset of a disaster to a predetermined bug out location. Generally, this includes food, water, first aid, and the survival tools needed to stay alive on the trek.

Since weight is a serious concern, the idea of adding an extra pound to the pack for a pair of binoculars (and making space for them) may seem like extra, unnecessary work. But do the benefits outweigh the negatives?

Here are some valid reasons why binoculars should be a part of any bug out bag:

  • Locate potential shelter from afar
  • Scout for environmental threats and human/wildlife dangers
  • Scan for potential sources of food or water
  • Identify routes for travel

Using binoculars to survey the landscape before setting off can save energy and valuable calories. For example, spotting an impassable area from a great distance will save you the time of traveling there on foot, only to be forced to turn back and find another route.

In a true SHTF scenario, binoculars will help spot unfriendly people who may be looking to set an ambush or otherwise take what valuables you are carrying. Advance warning in this scenario could be priceless. Take precautions to ensure the lenses don’t reflect sunlight, though — cluing in the potential threats to your presence.

While the lenses may attract unwanted attention, they can also be removed and used to magnify sunlight to create a fire. Yet another reason why carrying a pair of binoculars is a good idea.

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