Why You Should Avoid Buying This Type of Knife


Survival Quiz #139

(Modern Survival.org) – You should avoid buying a survival knife that has a?

• Short blade

• Hollow handle

• Fire starter

• Glass breaker

Answer: Hollow Handle. Here’s why…

Humans have utilized knives in one form or another since they discovered how to sharpen rocks in prehistoric times. These tools have gone through many upgrades through the ages, from copper to iron and now even ceramic construction.

For the survivalist, a good knife is absolutely vital. But are there specific types of knives that should be avoided?

Why This Knife May Be a Bad Investment

Modern knives come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, but one particular type of knife may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Hollow-handle knives, which are designed to store survival gear such as firestarters, are advertised as life-saving tools. While the extra storage may be helpful, there are a few drawbacks to the design.

For starters, the tang of the blade doesn’t extend through the handle. This means that the handle could break off if the knife is used to pry on something. The knife blade is generally attached to the handle with one small screw, which can snap with a little force. There are some models out there that bypass this fault; however, they tend to be extremely pricey.

Second, if the knife becomes lost, so are its contents. Accidents happen, and facing a survival situation without a knife and firestarters (or whatever else was inside in the handle) could be disastrous.

Knives are an important part of survival, from bushcraft to everyday carry (EDC). Not all knives are good for universal tasks, so knowing which knife is best for the situation at hand is important. To see what the difference is between a combat knife and a survival knife, check out this article.

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