Why Vinegar is an Essential Survival Supply

Why Vinegar is an Essential Survival Supply

(Modern Survival.org) – Did you know that vinegar is an essential multipurpose survival supply?

When researching prepping and survival, a common theme you will encounter is redundancy. Redundancy means having multiple survival systems in place that can accomplish the same goal. This concept is incredibly important should one or more of your systems become compromised.

Stockpiling resources that have a variety of uses not only increases the redundancy of your preps but also saves you space. You won’t have to buy multiple items for each task the multipurpose tool can achieve. If you’ve ever wondered why multitools and multipurpose items are so popular among survivalists, redundancy is the reason.

Vinegar can add value to your stockpile’s redundancy. Although vinegar is commonly associated with cooking, it has many other applications — some of which can be useful in a survival situation.

In the following video, Household Hacker demonstrates how versatile vinegar can be.

As the video shows, vinegar has a multitude of uses. For example, you can mix vinegar with baking soda to clear a clogged drain, or mix it with water and dish soap for a powerful cleaning solution.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vinegar doesn’t kill all bacteria (such as S. aureus). However, in a survival situation, vinegar can be effective against E.coli and many other bacteria. Because vinegar is cheap, easy to access, and easy to store, it is a must-have in your stockpile.

If you choose to use vinegar to clean, there are a few items you don’t want to use it on, such as knives and other metal tools with exposed edges. The acid in the vinegar will dull the edges and potentially corrode the metal. Granite countertops can also be damaged by vinegar, so avoid using it there as well.

Vinegar is also useful for removing odors from trash cans and other areas that commonly develop a stench. Pour some on a slice of bread, set it in the affected area, and leave it overnight to absorb the smell. Simply throw the bread out when you are done.

To see the uses of another multipurpose item you likely already have in your kitchen, check out our article on using baking soda in a survival situation.

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