Armed Gunman Kills At Least 6, Injures Many More


( – On Monday, an armed gunman went on a shooting spree at Perm State University in Russia. Chaos erupted on the campus as students attempted to barricade themselves in classrooms. Some even jumped from second-story windows in an attempt to escape.

Aleksandr Khinshtein, a member of the State Duma, identified the shooter as Timur Bekmansurov, an 18-year-old law student at the university. Russian media quickly published a social media post the alleged gunman made prior to the event, in which he outlined a life-long fascination with violence. Shortly thereafter, the social media company blocked his account.

One of the first responders to the scene, traffic officer Konstantin Kalinin, exchanged fire with Bekmansurov in a stairwell and wounded him. Kalinin was then able to detain the gunman and end his rampage.

Unfortunately, mass shootings are a threat that seems to be spreading across the globe. While this particular event happened in Russia, on the same day, another shooting occurred at a high school in Newport, Virginia, in which at least two people were injured.

Facing off with an armed intruder at home, or finding oneself in an active shooter situation in a public place, is a nightmare scenario for anyone. When bullets are flying, the best plan of action is to stay out of sight until the threat is neutralized. Unfortunately, there are some places where a person is a sitting duck for a gunman.

What is a Fatal Funnel?

A “fatal funnel” is a term often used by law enforcement and military personnel to designate a choke point. These are thresholds or areas of transition, such as doorways, stairwells or hallways, where there is no cover or concealment, and movement is limited.

For example, moving through a doorway is considered a fatal funnel. The walls surrounding the door hamper the view into the next room, giving the bad guy a perfect opportunity to set up an ambush. When moving through a fatal funnel, the key is to get out of it as quickly as possible.

Why Knowing This is Important…

Being able to recognize a fatal funnel could be the difference between life and death in any scenario where a conflict is imminent. The enemy combatant doesn’t have to have a firearm to make use of a fatal funnel, either. Standing beside a door with a baseball bat waiting for someone to walk through can be devastating, as well.

Remember, it isn’t just a home invader or armed gunman who can use a fatal funnel to their advantage. By identifying potential fatal funnels in the home, these can be used against an intruder should the need to defend yourself or your family arise.

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