Firearm Facts: What You Should Know About ‘Fatal Funnels’

What You Should Know About ‘Fatal Funnels’
What You Should Know About ‘Fatal Funnels’

In firearms training, which of these is considered to be a “fatal funnel” area?

• Hallway
• Doorway
• Stairwell
• All of the Above

Answer: All of the Above

In firearms training, hallways, doorways, and stairwells are all considered to be a “fatal funnel” areas. Here’s why…

A “fatal funnel” is a term widely used in the world of military special operations and law enforcement firearms training. You may see these techniques in movies. You know, armed men moving room to room with their weapons at the ready, searching for a victim or the bad guy.


Every time someone moves through a doorway, hallway, or stairwell, they’re moving swiftly because those are areas you don’t want to be caught in during a firefight. Those are considered “choking points,” where people die.

These types of areas offer no concealment or cover and limits movement, especially if there’s more than one person. Fatal funnels are areas trained professionals want to get through as quickly as possible. They are considered to be more a transitional area than anything else.

Police and military use Close Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques to move rapidly through homes and buildings to clear the area of any potential threats. While this type of training may be advanced, learning where the “fatal funnel” areas are can be useful to take down enemies or help save your own life.

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