What You Should Know About Drinking Flood Water in a Survival Situation

What is the best method to clean flood water and make it drinkable in a survival situation?

• Use water filter
• Distill the water
• 1 hour boil
• It’s not drinkable

Answer: It’s Not Drinkable

Flood water is not drinkable. Here’s why…

Imagine you haven’t drank water in 2 days and your surrounded by flood waters for miles. You witness people dying of dehydration and there doesn’t seem to be any help arriving anytime soon.


Do you risk drinking the flood water to survive? Would you have your children drink flood water to survive? These were questions victims of Hurricane Katrina contemplated in the aftermath of the storm that killed over 1800 people.

Flood waters contain much more harmful bacteria and pollutants than what you would find in other water sources like streams, ponds, or lakes. While boiling water and using a personal water filtration system would work for these sources, it wouldn’t help in flood waters because it may be contaminated with toxic industrial chemicals.

Sure, maybe drinking a little gas in your water won’t hurt you right away, but it can have long lasting effects. It would probably cause vomiting which would quicken the dehydration process leaving feeling both thirsty and sick.

We’re not saying flood water can’t be cleaned or filtered but you need to having the right equipment and knowledge to clean it, which during a survival situation, many are not likely to have.


If you must drink it, it will probably take a day or two to start feeling sick from drinking such contaminated water.
It’s important to seek medical attention immediately to avoid extreme sickness or even death.

Your best defense is preparation. Have a clean emergency water source and do your best to stay away from drinking flood water.

~To Your Survival!

Volunteers get sick from being in toxic waters