Ways to Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

Ways to Avoid Credit Card Skimmers

How Can You Avoid Credit Card Skimmers When Using Your Credit Card?

  • Inspect Equipment
  • Avoid Banks
  • Avoid ATMs
  • TEST
  • Use Cash

Answer: Inspect Equipment

Look closely near the slot that takes your card; are the guidance arrows touching or otherwise extremely close to the entrance guide itself? If so, this is a classic sign that a skimmer may be installed.

Traditionally, skimmers slide over and on top of current equipment, taking up the 0.5” to 1” of space between the guidance arrows and the guide slot itself. If they’re touching, the machine may be compromised. You should look for shoddy or broken equipment, too.

Banks and ATM providers take exceptional care of their machines because even the slightest failure of equipment could compromise them… and their profits. Any wiggling equipment or loose spots around the keys is cause for concern.


This is especially true of the guide slot itself; normally, it is both glued and screwed into place on the underside. It shouldn’t move at all when you touch it. Although some people choose to simply carry cash or never use ATMs, this isn’t always practical in today’s world.

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