US Military Loses Terrifying Amount of Explosives


( – With the levels of concern in the United States over potential terrorist attacks, one would think the military would keep a strict eye on their hardware. Recent studies have shown, however, that a terrifyingly large sum of explosives has vanished right out from under their noses. To make matters worse, these dangerous weapons are beginning to show up in everyday America.

According to an investigation from the Associated Press, countless military-grade explosives have either been stolen or simply disappeared from the U.S. Armed Forces stockpiles over the past decade. Amongst the missing ordnance are armor-piercing grenades, C4 plastic explosives, landmines, rockets, and even artillery shells.

In many cases, military personnel stole the missing explosives and then falsified records to cover their actions.

In one instance, a Marine Corps demolition specialist was caught stealing plastic explosives as he believed a civil war was imminent. He claims he took the C4 in order to protect his family and his constitutional rights.

While this man may have had good intentions, at least in his eyes, there is no telling what others may use the missing weapons for. In fact, explosives have been found in homes and storage units along the US border with Mexico. Considering the numbers of unchecked illegal immigrants flooding the border under the Biden administration, this is quite alarming.

The fact that military-grade explosives are being stolen is a perfect example of why one needs to prepare for disaster to strike at any time. Should these weapons make their way into the hands of terrorists, the results would be catastrophic.

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