This is the Best Way to Communicate During a Disaster

This is the Best Way to Communicate During a Disaster
This is the Best Way to Communicate During a Disaster

What is the best way to communicate during an emergency?

• CB radios
• Text/Social media
• Phone call
• Video/Facetime

Answer: Text/Social Media

The best way to communicate during an emergency is by texting or using social media. Here’s why…

Technology has changed the way people interact and communicate with each other, notably during disasters or emergency situations. Trying to reach a loved one during a crisis can be very challenging, especially when everyone else is doing the exact same thing.


Phone networks get congested and calls can’t be connected, making text messaging the best option to reach your loved ones. Social media platforms, like Facebook, have also been used by FEMA to communicate during a disaster.

FEMA has an app you can download to your smartphone to receive weather alerts, disaster resources, and shelter locations to help people get to safety. The use of social media can help provide updates on situations like active shooter scenarios, major accidents, or nationwide emergencies.

While CB radios provide a clear way to communicate, not everyone has this technology readily available. Trying to make phone calls is risky and unreliable mostly because everyone else is trying to do the same thing and using apps like WhatsApp or FaceTime requires the same network connection used to call someone.

Think of how fast social media allows us to connect with friends and family on a daily basis that’s how fast you’ll be able to connect with a loved one or get valuable information as soon as possible.


It’s important to have an emergency location where loved ones can meet up if every other type of communication fails. While technology has improved our lives, it can also easily become our downfall.

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