Tending to Cast Iron-The Right Way

Tending to Cast Iron

When Cleaning Your Cast Iron, What Should You Not Use?

  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Soap
  • TEST
  • Water

Answer: Soap

Cast iron pans are very easy to maintain, but you can make it harder by using soap. All you really have to do is wipe the pan out when you are done using it. If you used water, immediately put the pan on a hot burner to cook the water off so that it doesn’t rust.

If something is stuck on the pan, fill it with water and heat the water. You can also put it in the fridge to cool it off. Either way, the stuck on gunk will come off much easier after being heated or cooled. Using soap can remove the seasoning on the pan. If you do feel the need to use soap, salt, or any abrasive material, be sure to season the pan afterward.

Even if nothing is sticking to your pan after you use soap or abrasive materials on it without seasoning the pan, simply consider yourself lucky. You’re apt to taste the metal when cooking this way, but you’re also making the cleaning process harder on yourself.


If you want to test the effectiveness of your seasoning, try frying an egg in the pan. If it doesn’t stick at all, your pan is well-seasoned and should be a pleasure to use for cooking.