Russia Claims US Biological Weapons Facilities Found In Ukraine


( – The conflict in Ukraine seems to be far from over. As the days stretch on, disturbing images flash across screens the world over, showing the atrocities of war.

Recently, however, Russia announced they’d found something in Ukraine that, if true, might be even more horrific than what the news is showing.

Maria Zakharova, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman for Russia, claims that the country uncovered biological weapons programs during its invasion of Ukraine. Amongst the pathogens Russia allegedly found were anthrax, cholera, and the plague.

In her speech, Zakharova claims seized documents show the Ukrainian health ministry ordered these pathogens destroyed when it became apparent Russia was moving in. She also alleges there is no doubt the research was intended for weaponization, not peaceful or scientific purposes.

According to the spokeswoman, the United States Pentagon was funding the programs, for which she demanded the Biden administration provide answers.

Both the United States and Ukraine flatly denied the allegations, but China quickly backed Russia in asking for the US to answer for the bioweapons facilities. China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, also called for the United States to come clean about the alleged Ukrainian labs.

Biological weapons are strictly banned by the United Nations, meaning that if what Russia claims is actually true, the United States may have quite a lot to answer for.

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