Preparation is Your Civic Duty


( – As an American citizen, your civic duty includes activities such as obeying the law, performing jury duty, and paying taxes. As a survivalist, your civic duty is to be prepared to act as a first responder in the event of an emergency (if you are capable of doing so). Not only will you be able to help yourself and your family, but others who are unable to help themselves.

New threats appear daily, cementing the need to prepare for whatever comes next. From the health crisis and steady stream of natural disasters tearing through our nation, never have we faced a time in which the survivalist lifestyle was more justified. If you are just beginning to embrace your inner prepper, we are here to help.

Preparing for Survival

Survival is not something you can go out and buy. You can purchase all of the fancy gear and gadgets you want, but without the knowledge of how to use them properly, they won’t help when it counts. True survival involves staying informed of both local and national news, becoming independent and self-reliant, training, and staying cool under pressure — especially in times of crisis.

The biggest challenge for new survivalists and preppers is not the desire to become prepared but the knowledge of where to begin. Surviving a catastrophic event takes far more than a few flashlights, a couple of bottles of water, and some canned stew. To help this process, we have broken down the information into lists you can review here. You will find checklists for your survival pack, home, and vehicle, which can be printed off and kept in safe places as you begin to gather the necessary supplies.

Once you have begun to gather the items listed on these checklists, the next step is to become familiar with them. This means testing them out, training with them, and in some cases, taking classes to ensure you will be able to use them safely.

One often overlooked course that can pay off for anyone interested in the survivalist lifestyle is a basic CPR class. The skills provided in a CPR class can be invaluable during an emergency situation. Online certification can be obtained through the National CPR Foundation here.

Learning new skills, and practicing them, are the foundation of survival. Always look for new ways to increase your skillset and further your preparedness and usefulness to society. Self-defense courses, gardening classes, and even the CPR certification mentioned above can all help you to become a prepared citizen — one who doesn’t rely upon others, or the government, to come and save the day.

Our civic duty is to become the most prepared person in the room, regardless of the situation we face. In a disaster, emergency services will be stretched thin. As prepared citizens, we allow the first responders the opportunity to help others, as we will be able to take care of ourselves. For more information on how to embrace your civic duty and become better prepared, check out our article here on the first things you should do immediately following a disaster.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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