One Simple Trick to Prevent Car Theft


( – As technology advances, making life more comfortable — and seemingly safer — for the world’s population, so do the tactics criminals employ to take advantage of the unwary. Unfortunately, these thieves adapt quickly to changes in technology, finding sneaky ways to steal what isn’t theirs.

While many survivalists focus their efforts on protecting their homes, the threat posed by thieves doesn’t stop at the end of the driveway. Modern criminals have found high-tech ways to steal valuables from vehicles (or the car itself) with as little as a push of a button.

Relay Attack

Most modern cars come equipped with keyless entry systems, which use a car key fob to communicate with the vehicle to unlock the doors, and in some cases, to start the car. Car key fobs contain a computer chip programmed with a code that sends a signal to the car’s security system when the driver locks or unlocks the button. While no car key fob is the same, they aren’t infallible.

Nowadays, thieves don’t need a coat hanger or a crowbar to break into a vehicle. All they need now are a pair of two-way radios to perform a “Relay Attack.” Essentially, the thieves use these radios to steal the code from the car key fob and use it to unlock the vehicle.

Defend Yourself

In parking lots, criminals will wait until an unsuspecting victim uses their keyless entry system, and steal the code with a cheap relay box. Once the victim has entered the store, they simply use the code to open the car and take whatever they like.

To thwart these thieves’ plans, use the manual system to lock the car when exiting. This prevents the criminals from scanning the code from the car key fob and forces them to pick another, less prepared target.

Unfortunately, criminals will use any advantage to steal from innocent victims. The only way to stay safe from them is to remain vigilant, be prepared, and learn how they target their victims.

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